Thank You For Help Over Christmas

The weeks up to Christmas were just staggering. 

We received some cash but mainly a massive amount of food. This came from all directions! From individuals, companies, schools, groups of individuals, charities from far and wide. We even received chocolates from Lindt. 

The amount of food collected from the shoppers at Tescos was huge.

Some weeks the large wire basket used for collecting the food was being emptied twice a week.  

In just one week just after Christmas we distributed food to about thirty-five needy people, giving them approximately enough food for three days.

How We Find Our Clients

We have over 40 REGISTERED VOUCHER HOLDERS who can issue to a client up to three of our Food Vouchers per year. If a crisis continues, more can be issued but only by agreement.

Most people come to the Food Bank once or twice only. 

Many crises are resolved within a week or two.

We work hard to ensure we are not feeding a lifestyle.    

Real stories

Read real stories of lives changed by the foodbank


We are open 

We are open Tuesdays 11-30am - 1-00pm also Thursdays 12 noon - 1-30pm

For enquiries please contact 07935 530 583

or email:

Where to find us

Central Methodist Church 
West Yorkshire

Foodbank video

Foodbank video


We rely on food donations to feed local people in crisis. From pasta to puddings, please give in-date non-perishable food. Click here to download our shopping list 

Where Are The Collection Points?

COLLECTION POINTS for donations of food can be found in the Library and the Salvation Army. Most of the churches in Pontefract will receive food when they are open.   Santander in Beastfair has had a collection point for some months. We are delighted that the Market Street Santander has also opened a collection point. 

Food can be left at Tescos, but only if it has been purchased there.  

The need is great and we rely on the generosity of our supporters.

Resident Adviser

Resident Adviser

Food bank Volunteers do not give advice.

We do suggest where professional advice may be obtained; for example, to debt counsellors, housing specialists, or budgeting courses.

We are now able to offer appointments with our resident adviser between 12 and 1pm on days when the Food Bank is open.

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