Professional Advice

Alan has been coming to the Food Bank on an occasional basis to give professional advice to people with various difficulties, and to issue food vouchers where appropriate.    He specializes in housing problems.   We now welcome Alan on a regular basis.    He now offers appointments and  normally attends all openings of the Food Bank.
Appointments can be made through the Food Bank phone ie on 07935 530 583.

How We Find Our Clients

We have over 40 REGISTERED VOUCHER HOLDERS who can issue to a client up to three of our Food Vouchers per year. If a crisis continues, more can be issued but only by agreement.

Most people come to the Food Bank once or twice only. 

Many crises are resolved within a week or two.

We work hard to ensure we are not feeding a lifestyle.    

Real stories

Read real stories of lives changed by the foodbank


We are open 

We are open Tuesdays 11-30am - 1-00pm also Thursdays 12 noon - 1-30pm

For enquiries please contact 07935 530 583

or email:

Where to find us

Central Methodist Church 
West Yorkshire

Foodbank video

Foodbank video


We rely on food donations to feed local people in crisis. From pasta to puddings, please give in-date non-perishable food. Click here to download our shopping list 



“My life fell apart and ended with me having to get help from a foodbank”

“My life fell apart and ended with me having to get help from a foodbank”

Although diagnosed with bipolar disorder 40 years ago, Babs, 56 from Exeter had always managed to work, while raising her two sons alone. 

The ex-army nurse had never claimed benefits until she was forced to permanently stop working due to a deterioration in her health. Unfortunately the wait for her Employment Support Allowance (ESA) was longer than anticipated and when all remaining money went towards paying the bills she was referred to a foodbank.
Babs is currently focusing on improving her health and is very grateful for the support she received from The Trussell Trust. She said: “The foodbank helped me unbelievably. Without it, my health wouldn’t be getting better as the one thing I wasn’t doing was feeding myself, so it’s part of a great big jigsaw of my recovery”.
Thanks to your continual support, we are able to help improve the lives of people like Babs.

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